Estonian Open 2019 powered by Prodigy Disc: Part 2/2, R3B9, Conrad, Jones, Vikström, Lehtinen [4K]

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Estonian Open 2019 powered by Prodigy Disc @ Kõrvemaa Disc Golf Course, Estonia (11.-13.7.)
Kierros 3, osa 2/2: Takaysi.
Englanninkielinen selostus: Seppo Paju (USA) ja Kevin Jones (USA)
Avoimen sarjan kärkikortti:
James Conrad (USA)
Kevin Jones (USA)
Oskari Vikström (Finland)
Lauri Lehtinen (Finland)
Tue meitä:
Kamera 1: Ilja Balabin
Kamera 2: Sampsa Lietonen
Videoeditointi: Ilja Balabin and Sampsa Lietonen
Grafiikat: Ilja Balabin
Dronekuski: Jarkko Autio
Valokuva: Celin's Lightroom (

  • 25:05 *clap*

    ArghArgh3 kuukautta sitten
  • That course is so pretty. Looks really fun to play

    Blake DawsonBlake Dawson8 kuukautta sitten
  • Nice to see Kristin in the background of some of those shots...very photogenic 😍😘

    bruce waynebruce wayne11 kuukautta sitten
  • Some of the commentary is just wrong. It's as if they feel like they have to talk all the time, regardless of whether it is really necessary.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • J.C. just kind of let this one get away from him.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • A+ drone coverage, i really appreciate seeing the look back down the fairway from the basket

    Andrew ChoateAndrew ChoateVuosi sitten
  • Congrats Kevin. Seppo, your commentary skills get better every time...wish I could have seen you play - did you compete?

    8Ryanaugust8RyanaugustVuosi sitten
    • I also never get more excited in Disc Golf than seeing Seppo in lead or chase card.

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
    • That’s rough, but I have no doubt we’ll be seeing him on the big stage in not too long. I remember the excitement of seeing him for the first time on a lead card coverage with McBeth or Wysocki and thinking “this is going to be huge.” Good luck, Seppo.

      8Ryanaugust8RyanaugustVuosi sitten
    • Seppo played -2 every round so he decided to take some time off from tournaments and just practice.

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Wheres Silver Latt?

    j hORnj hORnVuosi sitten
  • Great course and tournament. The drone operator is a mad man! Loved the fly overs.

    outlookgrimoutlookgrimVuosi sitten
  • Love the SeppoKev commentary guys!

    Seth HeasleySeth HeasleyVuosi sitten
  • Ricky Wysocki with the final round 12 under. Almost came back to steal it.

    Paul SmithPaul SmithVuosi sitten
  • Awesome drone footage! Great work!

    Aaron LAaron LVuosi sitten
  • Fun battle

    Zee DevilZee DevilVuosi sitten
  • KJ for the win!! Let's go! On to the European Open! Getting ready to start watching round 2 back 9. Hopefully KJ can creep back up to that lead card!

    Stevie B ComicsStevie B ComicsVuosi sitten
    • European Open is exciting to watch indeed. I'm waiting to get home from a trip to continue watching it. Got to know Kevin a little bit at Estonian Open and he seems like a humble guy who you want to see succeeding.

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Love the drone footage

    pyleofkylepyleofkyleVuosi sitten
  • It's funny hearing Kevin change his accent to properly say Oskari 😂 😂 I'd do the same

    heelsfanatic88heelsfanatic88Vuosi sitten
  • I really like the +/- card graphics during play. It's hard to see where people land and what course rules are in play but with the real time cards that stay on screen, that's $$$. Thanks DG Finland and the sponsors for making this happen. I'm sure I'm watching the future of disc golf coverage! Very innovative.

    J. ClarkJ. ClarkVuosi sitten
    • Thanks J. Clark and the cat. Purr!

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • strange Norwegian flags on the women card

    jan ivar markussenjan ivar markussenVuosi sitten
  • Awesome win KJ.....WPS!

    Bobby SwainBobby SwainVuosi sitten
  • Finland is no longer an up and coming disc golf talent hotbed. It has arrived. Now I got to get my feeble mind to start to understand how to properly say the names.

    freddie crunkfreddie crunkVuosi sitten
  • Great DG coverage! Also I would like to say a lot of Beautiful women in Finland supporting DG!

    Brian CrawfordBrian CrawfordVuosi sitten
    • This was in our southern neighbour country Estonia. Those ladies are mostly Estonians. Thanks for your comment, we are glad that you liked it!

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • How are these guys getting a hyper flip with overstable discs?

    Matthew TempleMatthew TempleVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage and commentary. Congrats. Highlights of the earlier rounds would be nice.

    Jonathan BoneJonathan BoneVuosi sitten
    • Thank you and agreed!

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Well played KJ, glad to see you got the W

    Mason ClaxtonMason ClaxtonVuosi sitten
  • Congratulations KJ USA! Thanks for the coverage and commentary! I love Seppo on the mic!

    T. Noel Trudell-KaysT. Noel Trudell-KaysVuosi sitten
  • First time seeing KJ win an on film tournament. Glade to see it. He's been close to the win so many times.

    Dek DevDek DevVuosi sitten
  • Very nice course and A+ production and commentary.👊👊

    Jp JpJp JpVuosi sitten
    • Wanted to add the drone footage was sweet.👍

      Jp JpJp JpVuosi sitten
  • great footage thanks again!!

    MexBeast OGMexBeast OGVuosi sitten
  • Amazing course. Conrad kind of gave that one away but regardless Kevin played amazing and even kept Ricky at bay. Huge Kevin fan here, best straddle putt in the game rn.

    jamalydudejamalydudeVuosi sitten
  • The drone footage is smooooth

    L.DucluzeauL.DucluzeauVuosi sitten
  • Way to go KJ. Congrats!!

    predatorsilverpredatorsilverVuosi sitten
  • Seppo and Kevin are the best commentary duo right now

    vJacks stacksvJacks stacksVuosi sitten
  • Thanks to Disc Golf Finland! And to my boy, "Simple Bio"! :)

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesVuosi sitten
  • Fun to see Jerm and Nate Perkins following in the gallery. And to anyone saying it... There is only one "KJ." His name is Karl Johan. "KJUSA" or "KJo" are acceptable, however, "KJ" is taken. :D

    Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
    • @Disc Golf Finland Of course! KJ Nybo is a god amongst us!

      Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
    • This is important. I'm glad that you brought it up.

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
    • Trevor Reniger I agree. I am a huge Kevin fan but when I think or hear KJ in the disc world I think of KJ Nybo always.

      jamalydudejamalydudeVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage guys ! Always like stumbling across new channels. Thank you tremendously. 🤙🏽

    nknight207nknight207Vuosi sitten
  • Fantastic coverage! You should come shoot US tournaments! Seriously though, love that fast drone camera work 👍👍

    KunisadaKunisadaVuosi sitten
  • Love the Prodigy basket design with the Strike zone and all, but the chains are just too heavy. It requires too much force for the disc to stick. Lighter chains would still catch and not push out the softer putts. Common Will, David!

    Dickie BrewerDickie BrewerVuosi sitten
    • Agreed. I've heard "He got Prodigy'd" after nasty spit-outs on other tournament videos. LOL

      Robert CumminsRobert CumminsVuosi sitten
    • Agreed amigo

      nknight207nknight207Vuosi sitten
  • Great quality production, and Sepu and Kevin make an excellent commentary team. My favorite part, though, would have to be those drone flyovers.

    Jeromy CaballeroJeromy CaballeroVuosi sitten
  • I remember seeing Kevin take a triple or quad bogey at USDGC thinkin another bites the dust. he proved me wrong nice job dude youre killin it

    Kuhlyedascope69Kuhlyedascope69Vuosi sitten
  • Why is there a super annoying reverb on the voiceovers?

    Axel SjobergAxel SjobergVuosi sitten
    • Because it was the first time for commentary team to do the technical setup. Probably because the mic levels were too low and had to be brought up in post. Should be fixed for the next time. Sorry!

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Thank you!

    Jan Terje MoenJan Terje MoenVuosi sitten
  • Seppo could have the most boring voice on the planet. Haha

    Ace VendiscusAce VendiscusVuosi sitten
    • Most of the Finns sound like Seppo :) Too much intonation in a talk will cause distress for a regular Finn.

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Nice shooting, Kevin, although you should also do the commentary when you lose. I had been looking forward to some final round insight after the close loss to Paul, but no dice. Jerm did the commentary for his third round implosion in the USDGC. It's a growth experience. :-)

    blueboyblueboyVuosi sitten
    • I'm pretty sure he mentioned earlier that he wouldn't be able to commentate that round because he was already on a plane over to europe

      David MadillDavid MadillVuosi sitten
  • The 180 at the end of the hole preview was on point.

    KEEPtheZEN θKEEPtheZEN θVuosi sitten
    • Absolutely!

      C HiebertC HiebertVuosi sitten
  • KJ for the win! Nice. Ricky clawed back! Nice.

    Jeffro4kagJeffro4kagVuosi sitten
  • Kevin Jones is becoming a favorite for me. Love his game style and his attitude. And a killer putter

    Lance BettisLance BettisVuosi sitten
    • Agreed, and my favorite commentator.

      L.DucluzeauL.DucluzeauVuosi sitten
    • Lance Bettis as a fellow straddle putter I love his putt. Powerful and consistent. One of my favorite players all around.

      jamalydudejamalydudeVuosi sitten
  • Baskets look a nightmare.

    Paulie GPaulie GVuosi sitten
  • Superior drone flying

    mscudde2mscudde2Vuosi sitten
  • Great job from everyone involved. Thank you from this Australian disc golf fan.

    Hilton BoothHilton BoothVuosi sitten
  • DOINK! 21:24

    instructor44059instructor44059Vuosi sitten
  • Nice crowds there many finns too i suppose

    Keke761Keke761Vuosi sitten
  • Amerikan pojat tuli ja vei koko potin

    JakeThaCakeJakeThaCakeVuosi sitten
  • Man you really have to feel for JC. After shooting -12 and -13, all he had to do was come out and shoot -3 to win the tournament. Have to be happy for Kevin though! Who's to say if James was shredding it that Kevin wouldn't have shredded even harder to still take the W. Plus this commentary combo is just so great.

    Beeray11Beeray11Vuosi sitten
    • @Jason J There were at least two other Kevin Jones is the man type comments before I made mine.

      Beeray11Beeray11Vuosi sitten
    • Agree with your comments. Maybe in the future, if your the first to comment, leave out who wins. I know I'm the one who read it before watching - sometimes you can't help but see the first comment before you blow it up to full screen.

      Jason JJason JVuosi sitten
  • Where is Ricky ?

    nknight207nknight207Vuosi sitten
    • Oh we started on back nine.. I saw the scores and wondered why he would be on chase. I’m a dummy haha

      nknight207nknight207Vuosi sitten
    • He was sneaking in the chase card.

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Kevin Jones is the TRUTH!

    Donovan LivingstonDonovan LivingstonVuosi sitten
  • 4:01. Shoutout to the hottie in the background 😛

    Tom WaltersTom WaltersVuosi sitten
    • Tom Walters lol

      Chase LamereChase LamereVuosi sitten
  • Finnish perkele

    HenkseliHenkseliVuosi sitten
  • Let's go, KJUSA! Thanks for the coverage.

    Christopher NgChristopher NgVuosi sitten