Tyyni 2018 MPO Round 3/3 Front 9 @ Sibbe (Wysocki, Paju, Barsby, Brathwaite) with commentary [4K]

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30th June 2018. MPO lead card, Round 3/3 at Tyyni, the biggest disc golf event in Europe. Next video (Back 9) is here fistream.info/work/videot/gtOcsc6qdqq4sJM
The Hole In One:
(USA) Ricky Wysocki
(FIN) Seppo Paju
(USA) Gregg Barsby
(USA) Philo Brathwaite
Sibbe (Sipoo, Finland),
Robert McCall and Eric McCabe
Video operator, video editing & graphic design:
Ilja Balabin
Video operator & video editing:
Sampsa Lietonen


    erkki tvistaaerkki tvistaaVuosi sitten
  • Nice production, love to see the tournaments going on in Europe not covered by Jomez.

    Nate HerremaNate Herrema2 vuotta sitten
  • 18:18 ✔💯👍👌✌🖖

    blacksunlight1blacksunlight12 vuotta sitten
  • I got so lucky. Found back nine and enjoyed so much had to come to front nine even knowing results. A magically called and played nine here. The discs in the wires hilarious!

    freddie crunkfreddie crunk2 vuotta sitten
  • A little more energy on the commentary. McCall sounds like a white Barack Obama narrating his own biography.

    blueboyblueboy2 vuotta sitten
  • Go Barsby!

    Jeromy CaballeroJeromy Caballero2 vuotta sitten
  • Was Barsby's intro music Fallujah????

    SickWorldPerspectiveSickWorldPerspective2 vuotta sitten
    • That's Ne Obliviscaris - Painters of the Tempest pt. 2

      SacZorSacZor2 vuotta sitten
  • I’m ruined. After listening to Eric & Robert commentate I’ll have to mute all the others. Fantastic coverage.

    mtp9214mtp92142 vuotta sitten
  • Ahh, so this is where Wysocki was hiding instead of being at Idlewild. I don’t blame him. It’s so great to see players travel and to get more international coverage every year.

    8Ryanaugust8Ryanaugust2 vuotta sitten
  • Who would you guys rank as top 3 throwers for forehand, backhand, and putting. Backhand(Paul, Seppo, Eagle) Forehand( Barsby, Sexton, Eagle) Putting(Ricky, Paul, Eagle). Best overall id say is Eagle.

    brian6speedbrian6speed2 vuotta sitten
    • Paul is in the distance top tier. that’s not debatable. there’s like 25 feet, if that, that separates him from those guys, and he’s far more accurate overall with the backhand than any of them. Literally no one who knows the sport would take Drew or Simon’s backhand over Paul’s. Eagle is closer because he’s more accurate

      MK212074MK2120742 vuotta sitten
    • Backhand - Drew Gibson, Eagle/Simon, Sepo. Paul is amazing but not a top raw distance thrower. Forehand - Eagle (distance) Barsby and Sexton. Ricky hasnt been throwing as many forehands in recent years but still honorable mention. Putting - 1. Ricky, 2. Paul, 3 ~ depends on the day could be Eagle or James Conrad.

      Nate HerremaNate Herrema2 vuotta sitten
    • Eagle, overall, has the most talent of anyone on tour between both throwing styles and huge distance. This has been apparent for a few years. The thing with him has always been that he needs to put it all together, and stay away from the blow-up rounds that have historically knocked him out of contention at big tournaments. He's finally doing that this year. Rick still has an amazing forehand, but he doesn't lean on it as much as he used to. I'll take Gregg, Sexton, and Koling. Those guys are all legitimately forehand-dominant players, who will always take a forehand over a backhand when it's viable. Paul is still the best overall backhand player in the world, between distance and accuracy. It's hard to say after that because it's most players' main throwing style, and they're all really good. Paul, Rick, and Josh Anthon are, in my opinion, the best 3 putters.

      MK212074MK2120742 vuotta sitten
    • brian6speed I think Ricky is still a better forehand player than eagle.

      Nathan SchreckengostNathan Schreckengost2 vuotta sitten
  • Sweep the leg rules

    TJ SenecaTJ Seneca2 vuotta sitten
  • I"m jammin!

    slangen808slangen8082 vuotta sitten
  • More of Eric McCabe commentating please

    paul bpaul b2 vuotta sitten
    • Would love to!

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf Finland2 vuotta sitten
  • Sepo "CCDG" Paju!!! What an awesome card❤ Barsby!!! What?!! Amazing stuff 🙏 Great commentary!

    @disccombobulated@disccombobulated2 vuotta sitten
  • Update cover photo, this is Sibbe not Keinukallio.

    Tuomo TanskanenTuomo Tanskanen2 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks for pointing out. Done!

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf Finland2 vuotta sitten
  • Back 9?

    J3PEJ3PE2 vuotta sitten
    • Disc Golf Finland thank you

      J3PEJ3PE2 vuotta sitten
    • Will ready for publishing in about 8 hours

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  • Nice commentary fellas

    Preston DierPreston Dier2 vuotta sitten
  • Philo !!!

    Anaboli_OAnaboli_O2 vuotta sitten
  • Seppo + kube tee off song = greatness

    LabsteriLabsteri2 vuotta sitten